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Cookies policy Ireland uses cookies only for traffic analytics purposes and not for advertising information. No data will ever be transferred to any third party for advertising purposes.

A cookie is a file that can retain information about your experience with the site for future visits. Many websites will use cookies for personal behavior data and preferences, but we, at, only use it for traffic analytics purposes. The cookie that we use is the official file from Google Analytics. It helps us understand your preferences based on previous site activity, which allows us to provide you with an ever-better experience.

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Link to Third Party Websites

By clicking on any of the Online Casino Operators that we rank and fully review on our website, you acknowledge that you will be redirected to their website and leave Ireland is not responsible for any content present in third party websites. We will always make sure to check the information that we provide to our users, but cannot be responsible if that information changes before we get to review it again.

If you have any issues with our policy, please feel free to contact us directly. We appreciate your help in this matter, so we can always better our service.

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